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Top 8 Online Dating Tips for Men: Secrets of Online Dating Success

Online dating has come to stay, like it or not, that is the fact. While it has its disadvantages like every other thing in the world, it is also full of benefits.

As a man who is actively searching for a relationship, you would be looking at making use of online dating to meet the right people. In order to reap the many benefits without falling into its pitfalls, here are some tips to help you navigate for success

1.         Know Exactly What You Are Looking For
Imagine a pilot getting on a plane and flying it without knowing where he is headed or what the reason for going there is. Jumping into the world of online dating without starting with the clear picture of the sort of woman you want to relate with and what you want out of that relationship is similar to this. You will simply waste your time and end up getting nowhere.

Having a clear picture of who you want to meet gives you a good idea of where you will go to in search for her. For instance, if you want to date a University undergraduate, there is little chance of finding her on a site for single parents.

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2.         Pick The Right Dating Site
After identifying the kind of woman you want to meet online, the next step is to identify the sort of dating site she will most likely be found at as highlighted above. There are a multitude of dating sites out there, with some playing in niches. You can scan through various sites to find the one at which you are most likely to find the sort of person you want to meet. Sprocial for instance is a site that gives working-class men and ladies a platform to mingle.

3.         Be What Your Kind of Woman is Searching For
So, you have a clear picture of the type of woman you want to hook up with. But before you jump right into connecting with her, ask yourself one question: ‘Are you the kind of man she is searching for?’ Most women want a good-looking, responsible man who has a good source of income, is fun to be with and behaves like a gentle man. But with different classes of women comes a few more specifics. A single mom or woman looking out for a relation that is headed for marriage, would want a man that loves kids; a young career woman would want an upwardly mobile, ambitious partner. Once you have identified the kind of woman you want to connect with, you also need to know what she wants in a man and be ‘that thing’.

This is not saying you should pretend to be what you are not, it is simply telling you to search inwardly for those characteristics that match with what your dream woman would desire and  express these on your online dating profile.

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4.         Your Profile Picture is Your First Selling Point
Your profile picture is your first selling point, make it count. Put up a picture that puts you in good light but is still very close to what you really look like. It is always a huge turn-off when someone turns out to be nowhere close to what they look like n their profile picture. It also seems very deceitful.

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5.         Make Your First Message Count
Seen a lady you like and it is now time to get her attention with a message? Do not waste it on a generic ‘hi’ or ‘how are you doing?’ Make a good impression with a message that will make her to want to know more about you; a message that will stand out from the sea of messages that throng her inbox daily. For instance, you can start up with a brief intro on yourself, highlighting interesting facts that will make her want to check your profile to know more about you, such as:

"Hi, I am Tobi. I travel a lot for work and spend a lot of time in different African cities. I love going to the gym, playing scrabble and also going out to great bars & restaurants and having fun. What about you?"

6.         Don’t Talk To Everyone; Be Selective
It’s tempting when you are on a dating site with thousands of profiles of beautiful women to just tap away and message as many of them as you can. Resist the temptation. Take your time to identify the few profiles that fit into what you want and talk to even fewer of these at a time. This is because, trying to chat up numerous women at a time dilutes the quality of your conversation and focus. You therefore have less chance of holding the attention of any of these women than you would if you concentrate on just one or a few.

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7.         Lead and Steer the Conversation
Women are naturally way more reserved than men, especially African women. And many are even more so online. It’s up to you to not only start the conversation, but keep it going by constantly driving in the direction you want. Women also like men that take charge, but do not over-do it, so you do not come off as pushy and over-bearing.

8.         Never, Ever Be Dishonest
The greatest harm you can do to your online dating prospects is to misrepresent yourself or try to be deceptive either on your profile pic/details or during chats. Once a woman discovers a man is lying or being dishonest in an online conversation, her alarm bell goes off. It is worse than if you gave a face-to-face lie, because she can’t see you and immediately thinks the worst of the person on the other end of the keyboard. And it’s even worse if you tell her lies online which she finds out about when you meet her physically. Earning trust online is a difficult process, you don’t want to lose the trust you have worked hard to earn because of a lie or act of deception.

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