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How to Meet The Right Man Online: Top 10 Online Dating Tips for Nigerian Women

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The cyberspace has pretty much become an important part of our lives. As a woman, you probably have very few things you do not do online. You shop online and transact business online. There is nothing wrong with dating online as well. There are countless testimonials out there of women that have successfully dated online and met their life partners.

It is highly recommended that a woman who is actively seeking a partner do so on the internet as there are better chances of meeting a variety of people than you will during your day to day activities offline. However, online dating has to be conducted with caution and wisdom, since despite having lots of advantages, it also has its disadvantages.

To arm yourself for a successful and fruitful online dating sojourn, here are some top notch tips to help you navigate for success and meet Mr. Right:

1.             1. Know Exactly What You Are Looking For:
Imagine a pilot getting on a plane and flying it without knowing where he is headed or what the reason for going there is. Jumping into the world of online dating without having a clear picture of the sort of man you want to relate with and what you want out of that relationship is similar to this. You will simply waste your time and end up getting nowhere.

2.         Look in the Right Places: Pick The Right Dating Site
After identifying the kind of man you want to meet online, the next step is to identify the sort of dating site he will most likely be found at. There are a multitude of dating sites out there, with some playing in niches. You can scan through various sites to find the one at which you are most likely to find the sort of person you want to meet. You can't expect to find a serious-minded person at a site that is notorious for picking up one-night stands. Sprocial for instance is a site that gives working-class men and ladies a platform to mingle, and would be an ideal place to meet a career-minded man.

3.         Be Mrs. Right
You want to find and hook Mr. Right, then you have be Mrs. Right yourself. Once you have a clear picture of the type of man you want to be with, ask yourself one question: ‘Are you the kind of woman he is searching for?’ For example, you will stand little chance of getting a good man to be serious about you if you present yourself as a plaything. Most men want a woman who is not only attractive, but is also responsible, well-behaved, presentable and fun to be with. But with different classes of men comes a few more specifics. An upwardly mobile, ambitious man, for instance, would want a partner who is equallycareer-minded to complement him.

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4.         Don’t Be Afraid To Approach Him First
Gone are the days when a lady is judged poorly if she approaches a man first. Do not miss an opportunity to connect with a good man just because you are waiting for him to talk to you first. In fact, making the first move shows a man that you are a confident, mature woman and not a little girl who is afraid to go after what she wants. You can initiate the conversation and put on the green light to let him know you are interested in him, but you also have to be subtle about it so you do not come off as desperate.

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5.         Your Profile Picture is Your First Selling Point
Your profile picture is your first selling point, make it count. Put up a picture that puts you in good light but is still very close to what you really look like. It is always a huge turn-off when someone turns out to be nowhere close to what they look like in their profile picture. It also seems very deceitful.

6.         Be An Interesting Conversationalist
Many men have opined that there is nothing as immature and unintelligent as a lady who responds to conversations in monosyllables. Strike off single-word responses like ‘K’ from your diction. Ask interesting questions that show you are a person with an intelligent mind and great to hold a conversation with. Not only does it stimulate and retain his interest in you, it also enables you probe his mind to ascertain that he is indeed worthy of your time and is the Mr. Right you seek.

7.         Don’t Talk To Everyone; Be Selective
As a woman on a dating site, you will get hordes of messages from tons of men who want to meet you. Don’t be tempted to respond to all of them. Take your time to identify the few profiles that fit into what you want and talk to even fewer of these at a time. This is because, talking to several men at a time dilutes the quality of your conversation and focus, giving you less opportunity to drill in and figure out who truly fits into what you are looking for.

8.         Carry out Background Checks
So you have met an interesting man who fits into your specifications for Mr. Right? Don’t just take him at face value, though, do a background check on him. There are many scammers out there looking for ladies to take advantage of, either financially or otherwise. Be smart and check him thoroughly online and even offline, if possible, before opening yourself up to him. For instance, you can check out his Facebook and LinkedIn profiles and affiliations to confirm he is what he says he is, name-wise and occupation-wise. Google him extensively to dig up as much on his history as you can. This might not give you a 100% assurance that he is real, but is far better than doing no checks at all. You can also do physical checks, by visiting him at his place of work and asking to meet a member of his family etc.

On Sprocial, one of the ways we help you confirm that people are who they say they are, is by verifying profiles. A profile marked ‘verified’ assures you that the professional you are talking to is authentic.

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9.         Never Ask for Gifts, Recharge Cards or Financial Favours
Lots of Nigerian dating sites are filled with women who take advantage of the interest men have in them to ask for gifts and financial favour. Never request such from any man online, no matter how long you have been connected. It immediately paints you as a ‘runs girl’ and would kill the genuine interest any good man has in you. Dignify yourself and don’t toe that line no matter how broke you are. Even when a man offers, always ensure you only receive gifts and not money.

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10.     Never, Ever Be Dishonest

The greatest harm you can do to your online dating prospects is to misrepresent yourself or try to be deceptive either on your profile pic/details, or during chats. Earning trust online is a difficult process, you don’t want to lose the trust you have worked hard to earn because of a lie or act of deception.

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