Sunday, 16 April 2017

Why Hire Me?

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You finally got an interview invite to that dream job. After sending a carefully prepared Curriculum Vitae and brilliantly scaling through difficult assessment tests, you are at the final hurdle. You are now seated before a panel of smiling yet intimidating-looking interviewers after days of preparation, but the simple question ‘Why Should We Hire You?” stops you in your tracks, and you try to stammer out a response, not sure of the best answer to give.

Your confusion is not strange. Statistics show that the ‘Why Should We Hire You’ question is one of the most difficult interview questions of the 21st Century and the one job seekers fail at the most.

But Why Do Interviewers Ask This Question?
The interviewer needs to be certain that you are the best person for the job and simply wants you to convince him that you possess the qualities to do the work and deliver exceptional results.

The Best Answer to The Question
There is no best answer to the ‘Why Hire You’ question, but there is a guideline you must follow to craft a brief yet impactful response that will effectively convince your interviewer(s) that you are the best man or woman for the job. 
The guideline is simply:
1.     What are your top 3 soft skills: e.g problem solving, analytics, collaboration?
2.     What is an example of a situation in which you used these skills?
3.     What is your top achievement?
4. How can you bring these skills and the experience gained when you accomplished (2) to play in the role you are interviewing for?

Here is an example of what your response to the question will be going by this guideline:

“In my 5 years of experience as a Financial Manager, I have developed strong problem-solving and team-building skills. I was twice awarded Star Manager for my innovative strategies for motivating employees to meet and surpass quarterly deadlines. If hired, I will bring these capabilities to play in achieving organizational objectives.”

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